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18, Blizanci, españa, mixed culture my chinese father married my latina mother
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a rose for the unique beauty you are
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Seksualna orijentacijaHetero
Visina>[160cm - 170cm]
Težina[40 - 45 kg]
Etnička pripadnostAzijski
JeziciŠpanski, Engleski
Rodni grad
mixed culture my chinese father married my latina mother
Stidne dlakeObrijana
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I am ????sapiosexual a person attracts me mainly because of his intelligence a good talk before sex about culture exchanging knowledge creates that special and attractive connection
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I was born in China but I have lived my life in Spain and Latin America I speak Spanish
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⚠️that try to break my established rules or insist on requesting a show that I don't do⚠️
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parkjin ⭐ image: 1

I am from China, I grew up in Latin America and Spain, my mother was Latin, my father Chinese, I love spaghetti, I have been a vegetarian for 6 years, I love animals, I have 2 dogs, one of my dreams is to have a farm and be able to adopt many animals. I want to have 3 cats and decorate the room for my pets , I like philosophy, reading about the occult, I do not belong to any religion, I am a yoga practitioner, this 2022 I wanted to study English and pastry but it has been a very difficult year, I can only manage pay rent and eat sometimes so I had to postpone my studies. now I study English online a free course by levels and I have learned a little I love dance and I dance a little of everything

one day i will be a businesswoman i will have my coffee shop with anime theme and where i will sell delicious low sugar desserts and different types of coffee and milkshakes. I also want to open a healthy and cheap food business that serves 24 hours

parkjin ⭐⭐ image: 1

⚠️the following things are prohibited make sure you abide by the rules or you will be kicked or banned⚠️
⛔not mentioning other models
⛔no bdsm
⛔do not ask for a show without tips
⛔do not use sexual emoticons in public chat
⛔ I do not open cameras except for the cupid menu
naked exclusive in pvt I don't show my body in public
⛔my name jin use it except if we trust you can tell me darling

⛔I do not accept payments outside the page I do not have WhatsApp or social networks, the only means of contact is this site


parkjin ⭐⭐⭐ imagen: 1

What do I do in pvt?

I start dancing with a striptease to warm up and show him how sexy I can be. At the end of the song I'll be naked and we can go straight to the hot kink.

fuck pussy exclusive in pvt? yes

lovense control is free in pvt? yes the time of use the duration of the pvt

extra tips for some actions? yes

❤️ massage boobs nipple massage with ice cubes or oil 50 tk

❤️oil throughout the body 100 tk

❤️squirt 500 tk

❤️cum 600 tk

❤️ naked soap and water bath 1000 tk

choose the toy you like the most to use in pvt

parkjin ⭐⭐⭐ imagen: 2


parkjin PRIVATE image: 3

basic levels & Special Commands

[1 to 10 tokens] NORA = 5 SEC (Medium Vibrations,Medium Rotation) [50 to 100 tokens] NORA = 15 SEC (Ultra high Vibrations,High Rotation) [150 to 200 tokens] NORA = 20 SEC (Ultra high Vibrations,High Rotation) [250 to 280 tokens] NORA = 30 SEC (Ultra high Vibrations,High Rotation) Special Commands: [400 Tokens] = Earthquake pattern - 25 sec [450 Tokens] = Fireworks pattern - 30 sec [500 Tokens] = Wave pattern - 41 sec [550 Tokens] = Pulse pattern - 50 sec


parkjin ⭐⭐⭐⭐ image: 1🌈 tonge 1

🌈 pm 5 🌈stand up 10 🌈mi tip favorit 15 🌈ahegao 16 🌈suck finger 17 🌈choose a song 22 🌈sing birthday 30 🌈 kame Hame Ha 40 🌈 sing opening 45 🌈zing on paper 50 🌈blowjob 80 🌈deeptroat 85 🌈deeptroat sloopy 90 🌈 write your name in my body 100 🌈 blowjob two toys 120

🌈 makeup artistic 135

🌈 control lovense 10 minutes 200 🌈 control lovense 15 minutes 250 🌈 let's watch an anime movie together 300

🌈NAKED 1000

🌈cum or squirting 1500

🌈get a new cell phone 5.500


parkjin CHATBOTS image: 1slot machine 5TK

😎🥰🤤🤭 FACES

parkjin CHATBOTS image: 2

parkjin CHATBOTS image: 3random tk


parkjin CHATBOTS image: 4

💃twerking 💃salsa 💃bachata

💃ramdom dance 💃zamba 💃KPOP

💃dramatical dance 💃 dance five songs 💃breakdance

💃Sexie dance

parkjin CHATBOTS image: 5


parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 1Like a traffic light, each project will go through 3 colors with your help, with each donation you will help a project to start, be halfway, or be completed little by little.

🔴 no support yet 🟡 the project has been supported 🟢project started

🧠you can help me complete all my projects by donating 1000 tk exclusively to support it or donating materials from my amazon list with your help I can make each project green

please use this emoticon when you send them tk 🚦


parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 2

dance naked in pvt in clothes in public 180 tk

poledance nude pole dance ⚠️ this option is not available yet one of my goals is to get the pole you can help me with an amount of tk to get it give me one from my wish list or wait until I can get it on my own remember that From the 16th to the 30th of each month I will use my earnings to invest in my shows. The tube is expensive for me so it will take a while.

please use this emoticon when you send them tk 🧲


parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 3

180 tk🧠 Out of respect for animals and rejection of those who abuse them, I do not wear animal lingerie or cosplay representing them sexually. use of lingerie exclusively in pvt

party neon

parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 4

1500 tk contains leon outfit look at me glow in the dark accompanied by makeup and reflective suit this show must be booked 5 days in advance to take the time to buy the necessary things

please use this emoticon when you send them tk 🎨


parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 5

2000 tk

You may wonder why 2000 tk jin charges for wearing a suit? Well I'll tell you the cosplay includes makeup full suit with accessories I would not like to transmit normally with these suits since it is uncomfortable and sweaty to wear for so many hours this project will be available for pvt or public with a difference in pvt you can take it off

please use this emoticon when you send them tk 🩱


parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 6

2500 TK

do you want to celebrate your birthday with me? The answer is yes ????contains???? reserve the date at least 5 days after your purchase for preparation ✨bath in whipped cream will be a good day to look like snow ✨small cake with candle ✨wine toast ✨.room decoration balloons etc ✨birthday song in your language ✨card with a nice message made by me you can download it on your pc ✨crazy party dance animation, zumba, colored lights ✨show recording and photos ✨transmission dedicated exclusively for you all my attention online ✨it lasts 3 hours just for you after that I will disconnect ⚠️Sometimes I celebrate as a gesture of gratitude and affection to friends who have been with me for months, but the celebration is usually shorter and does not contain as much as the birthday menu⚠️

please use this emoticon when you send them tk 🎉


parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 7

⚠️book 3 days in advance so I can buy all the ingredients⚠️you won't wait any longer

esperaras mas

3000 tk in public with a single tip of 3000 tk in public does not include undressing only romantic dinner nice dress and open your camera in public $ to reserve must be 3 days in advance to buy the ingredients of the dinner I will not cook meat remember that I am a vegetarian

in pvt decorative dinner I will not cook meat I am a vegetarian with petals dancing sexie show in oil and red lingerie for the occasion I open camera only if you ask to have dinner with me without undressing book it with 1500 tk and another 1500 in pvt 450 extra tip and automatically 450 tk is charged per the 35 minutes of duration

please use this emoticon when you send them tk 👩‍❤️‍👨


parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 8

4000 TK fill the pool with water and submerge for several hours be a king and choose that the other hours of broadcast be in the pool just remember that in pvt you can see me naked inside it in public you can see me submerge in clothes the duration in pvt in the pool lasts as long as the pvt takes you can make her take a dildo in the pool if you want

please use this emoticon when you send them tk 💦

⚠️warning to avoid deception of new members who say that they will send me to pvt if I fill the pool I will only fill the pool with water with 50% of the tk before the show⚠️


parkjin TRAFFIC LIGHT PROJECT image: 9

5000 tk vip member every friend who donates will be immortalized getting a free pm whenever you enter my room a funkopop with your avatar and nickname or with your real face if you prefer you can buy it even if I'm not online make sure you send the indicated amount of tk and emoji

please use this emoticon when you send them tk 👀

Hello, I want to remind you that the projects marked in red have not yet been fulfilled. Every time I achieve one, it will stop being an eye to move on to another color. Each project came from my ideas to bring you something different. If any model reads this and wants to copy my I'm sure you can do it without me noticing, but I want to invite you to be original. Remember that the same things don't work for all of us or we identify with each other. Some projects could be exhausting if you don't have energy. If you had a bad day, cheer up and I hope you do a lot. tokens and create shows very good blessings you all deserve to reach the goals with effort and creative punctuality and innovation

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vintage refrigerator
vintage refrigerator
My wish before the end of the year is to be able to have my fridge so that I could eat better and eat fruits and vegetables daily and I will be able to make soups so that my health improves. the amount of tokens that would be needed to buy it would be 50,000 tk
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My current PC is an old office PC, which is why sometimes it is difficult to transmit without freezing the broadcast or manage the obs without having a problem and transmit in HD. I would like to have this PC and be able to transmit without problems. every time I get one of the accessories I mark it with green some products are on my wish list 100.000 tk
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